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Christie Bounsall loves to write and illustrate stories about quirky, unconventional creatures. 

She studied Illustration at the University of the West of England in Bristol, where she achieved a First Class Degree. Whilst at University she  focused on editorial illustration, and developed a style of working which combined wobbly pen drawings with tactile and painterly textures, in digital and mixed-media collages.

After graduating, she started working for Cardiff Libraries, where she held story time sessions for children, and was inspired by all the wonderful picture books she was reading. She started getting ideas for her own children's stories, and began writing them down in rhyme and sketching her characters. She then went travelling around the world, taking her trusty notepad with her and jotting down ideas and doodles as she went.

So far she has  written six children's stories, two of which, 'Rebecca the Woodpecker' and 'It's Not Tokay', she has completed the artwork for. Currently she is developing illustrations for her third picture book, 'The Weavin' Vegan'. 

While all her stories are very different, there is a strong underlying theme of courage and eccentricity that is prevalent in all her leading characters.

Christie's work is inspired by nature, her travelling experiences, children's books, film and animation.

She hopes her books can inspire everyone to embrace their weirdness and show it to the world fearlessly like the creatures in her stories do. 

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