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Christie moved to Bristol in 2005 to study Illustration at the University of the West of England, where she achieved a First Class Degree. Whilst at University she  focused on editorial illustration, and developed a style of working which combined wobbly pen drawings with tactile and painterly textures, in digital and mixed-media collages.

After graduating, she started working for Cardiff Libraries, where she held story time sessions for children, and was inspired by all the wonderful picture books she was reading. She started getting ideas for her own children's stories, and began writing them down in rhyme and sketching her characters. She then went travelling around the world, taking her trusty notepad with her and jotting down ideas and doodles as she went.

So far she has  written six children's stories, one of which, 'Rebecca the Woodpecker' is now published and available to buy here: 

In 2023 Christie turned her attention back to expressive painting, which had been her passion growing up. Inspired by the magical energies she feels in Bristol, she explores the city at sunrise or night, taking photographs which she later uses as reference. Back at the studio she then uses acrylic paint, applying expressive, swirling brushstrokes to inject vitality and a feeling of movement onto the canvas. Different colours dance about in a both chaotic, yet organised and unique style.

To place an order for prints, cards or enquire after a painting, please email

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