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It's Not Tokay!

A tale of a hungry gecko's revenge

It's Not Tokay is a rhyming tale about a mischievous gecko (called Tokay) whose master takes good care of him, feeding him crickets and locusts and all the tasty creepy crawlies he enjoys. But when his master goes away, leaving him in the care of his girlfriend, Tokay is given only tiny waxworms (which are in fact very bad for geckos if that is all they are given). Angered by her ignorance, Tokay decides to embark on a midnight expedition, with a plan to make himself a feast fit for kings... and to take sweet revenge on the lady who deprived him of the dinner he deserves!

cover again.jpg
exotic dishes.jpg

"A quick trip to the kitchen

for a few necessities,

For there are some things I need to make

my favourite recipes."

9th spreadagain.jpg
5 and 6web.jpg
supper time!.jpg
13th spread2.jpg
6th spread fake geckofor web.jpg
12th spreadflst.jpg

"First I'll use my shedded skins

to make a fake Gecko,

I'll make him perfect (just like me)

she's never going to know!"

licking icecream.jpg

Rebecca the Woodpecker

Rebecca the Woodpecker is a rhyming tale about a woodpecker who is in fact made out of wood! Rebecca's mother created her out of a tree stump by pecking and pecking at it, until Rebecca appeared and magically came to life.

Rebecca cannot fly with her little wooden wings, but she desperately wants to learn. She feels very different to all the other woodpeckers, and often feels left out and invisible, blending in with all the trees in the forest! Rather than hiding away, she bravely attempts to fly off a high branch... but will she make it? 

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5 and 6.jpg
7 and 8.jpg
11 and 12.jpg

But the other woodpeckers

didn't notice Rebecca

(the woodpecker no one could see)

They'd make her so glum,

as they pecked on her bum,

thinking that she was the tree!

when he got better1.jpg
wings spread1.jpg

The Weavin' Vegan

The Weavin' Vegan tells the tale of a brave spider who’s radical lifestyle changes catapult her into an exciting adventure around the world and lead to her eventual stardom amongst spiders and humans alike. Once she ditches her flies and switches to various fruit and vegetables, her webs come out bursting with colour and glorious patterns. The people become mesmerised by her wonderful creations. Steph’s friends are not happy with her eccentric ways and tell her to leave if she continues her crazy antics. She decides to go on an adventure, weaving her way around the world, brightening up many a dark and dismal town. Meanwhile, the spiders she left behind start to realise they actually miss the colours and the vitality she brought into their lives, and decide that maybe they should try doing things her way..

Now many more spiders are following suit,

abandoning flies in exchange for some fruit.

Perhaps now you'll notice the webs that aren't clear..

a splash of pink there, a dash of blue here.

weavin' vegan cover1.jpg
steph travels the world1.jpg
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